One good reason why...

Putra Heights should be a serious contender for you! 

dto's 2nd Project is in Putra Heights which is a growing township covering an area of approximately 1.7 acres of freehold land. Currently home to over 55,000 residents.

With the opening of Putra Heights LRT station interchange station in 2016, it has been serving as the meeting point for two rail lines and also has an accessibility through several different highways. (Refer to image below)

If you were to cut the hassle of finding a parking in the city, just walk to the LRT and get on your way! 

Forget about paying the expensive parking fee in KLCC or  finding a parking in SS15 just to grab yourself a cup of boba tea. Everything is within reach just by taking the LRT!

Also, don't forget to use your touch n go instead of the coins from the machine to get additional discounts for your transport fee.

Want to co-create in the 2nd Project? Click Here! New stages coming soon!

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