5 Amazing Tips to Maximize Space

Wardrobe Edition! 

Hi dto community! Time for some wardrobe hacks to make upgrade the look and feel of your bedroom :)

1. Let's Marie Kondo it! 

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You’ll be surprised at how many pieces of clothes you’ve not worn for years. Good thing is you can even gain extra money by organising a charity sale or donate it to shelters. and think of the other people that can benefit from your unworn clothes :)

 Organise your wardrobe according what you wear most throughout the week. Think jeans, work clothes to be the most accessible, and everything else can be hidden away in areas of your wardrobe.

 2. Hang clothes vertically

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You can use cheap metal chain and an S clip to hang your t-shirts or any other lightweight items. This way it saves the number of hangers you put in your closet and make it tidy and neat.

3. Utilize the back door of your wardrobe

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There are numerous ways for you to use the back door of your wardrobe. Start by hanging coat hooks or rods. You can use it to hang items that usually end up on the bedroom floor like handbags, scarves and ties. and if you prefer something more minimalist, you can even attach mirrors!

4. Use a hanging wardrobe organizer

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This is perfect for you to use to organize smaller items like underwear, socks, scarves, belts or even accessories like sunglasses and jewelry. De-cluttering has never been this easy!

5. Use pegs or clips to double up or hang whole outfit

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This is a great tip if you’re planning ahead for the week on what outfit you would like to pair together. This will save you time and space! Or you could even double up on t-shirts, tops, and any other lightweight items of clothing. 


Happy trying!

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