4 Amazing Tips to make your living room spacious

under a small budget too!

Do you feel congested when visitors come to visit you? Are you looking out for how to make your living room feel spacious? 

We feel you on that one! Don't worry dto got you covered. We have listed 4 BRILLIANT WAYS to make your living room bigger instantly without putting a hole in your pocket.

1. Utilize multi-purpose furniture.

Source: hustleandhearts.com

Be mindful of the furniture that goes into the living room. A lot of us feel we need to purchase multiple different furniture to be used for that one small purpose. 

Try buying a coffee table that has drawers to keep all your those document stash away and enjoy your coffee away!

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Source: brabbu.com

Mirror creates a greater sense of openness by reflecting the view which automatically elevates the spaciousness of your living room.

Quick tip: Try to find a mirror that has the same frame color as the color theme of the space to make it a continuous flow look.

3. Paint the wall and ceiling the same color.

Source: myscandivanianhome.com

There's an awesome scientific reasoning behind this, our brain tend to make this mind trick. 

When the color of the wall and the ceiling are not the same, it creates a "stopping point" means that our mind notice the end and the start point of the ceiling and the wall.

Our brain automatically thinks that the space looks smaller. Hence why you should paint your wall and ceiling the same color, and wiping the "stopping point" off your brain! This instantly helps to expand the perceived room size.

4. Have furniture with legs.

Source: fromhousetohome.com

Opting to have furniture with legs make the floor space seems wider compared to furniture that rest directly on the floor. 

Furniture with legs draw your eyes upward and creates the illusion of more light and space in the room.


Hope this helps and happy trying! :)

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